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Massage for Better Health

-Injury Management Massage and Deep Tissue Massage to help increase range of motion caused from injuries.  This type of massage is good for things like Plantar Fasciitis, Sciatica Issues/Pain, Frozen Shoulder and other types of injuries that limit range of motion and affect daily routine.

-Sports Massage before events to increase blood supply to the muscles as well as warm them and prepare the joints for competition. Runners, Gymastics, Parkour, CrossFit and other types of competitors will benefit from this pre-event bodywork. Lots of STRETCHING and resistance

-Sports Massage after event​s to rid the body of metabolic waste and to prevent soreness and stiffness.

-Prenatal Massage to help Mommy and Baby relax as well as increase circulation and help restore energy levels in Mom's Body.

-Relaxi​ng Restorative Therapeutic Massage for Mind and Body connection as well as mental, emotional and physical wellness. This type of massage is for those who just want to relax because it helps with Anxiety and Stress as well as things like ADHD and Depression. 


 By increasing serotonin and dopamine production in the body, massage helps with depression and anxiety.


Massage increases circulation of oxygen rich blood to the skin and other organs in the body. This helps the body heal from injuries and fight illness. It also helps the skin look youthful and vibrant.


Massage creates a sense of balance and well being which in turn increases positive energy flow.


Veronica Harber LMT 19 Years of Experience

License # AK168852


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AVAILABLE :  FRI      10:30-6:30

                        SAT     9:30-5:30

                            MON   10:30-6:30

                          TUE     9:30-5:30


*****I am not able to accept new clients at this time. I am expecting to open up the schedule to new clients again by August 1, 2024. Apologies for the inconvenience.*****

60 Minutes $100

90 Minutes $150

This is a flat fee for all modalities. No tipping or upcharges.


Contact Info:

907-232-7186 (Office)

907-308-5953 (Fax)

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